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Economic Analysis of Environmental Programs: A Project for Egypt

Originally published Nov 13, 2021

CIVIC recently partnered with CRDF Global and participated in a virtual Single Country Project called “Economic Analysis of Environmental Programs,” where six international visitors from Egypt met with local resources to discuss improving sustainability and environmental programs. The international visitors also had meetings in San Francisco, California, and Burlington, Vermont. Some of the goals of this project included designing more efficient programs to improve outcomes of environmental programs, exchanging ideas and best practices on the impact of advocacy and collaboration in sustainability, and increasing opportunities for collaboration with U.S. peers and experts in the sustainability field.

On Monday, October 18, the international visitors met with Kate Moreland, president of the Iowa City Area Development (ICAD) Group, and Wendy Ford, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Iowa City. Ms. Moreland and Ms. Ford discussed economic development in Iowa City and how sustainability impacts how they evaluate economic development projects. They also discussed loan funds, tax credits, and grants given to potential developers to promote sustainability in their projects and Iowa City’s strategic priorities when considering a new development project.

We would like to thank Ms. Moreland and Ms. Ford for participating in our program. Your time and expertise are invaluable to CIVIC and our international visitors, and CIVIC looks forward to working with your organizations in the future!

CIVIC has been considering hosting meetings for resources like ICAD and city government to give their presentation to CIVIC members. To learn more about local resources in Iowa City and hear what our international visitors hear, check out the CIVIC Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


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