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Jobs & Internships

Global Ties Iowa is not currently hiring staff or interns. If you would like to be updated on future internship and job openings, please sign up for our mailing list here.

Interns play a critical role in the success of Global Ties Iowa's mission. Internships permit students to work in a professional setting, contribute in significant ways to the operations of a non-profit organization, enhance their global cultural competency, and develop and implement projects that may be used to demonstrate work experience to potential employers.

Global Ties Iowa interns have gone on to attend graduate and professional schools, secure overseas State Department internships, work at area non-profit organizations (e.g., Peace Corps, March of Dimes, Domestic Violence Intervention Program) in a leadership capacity, and for national organizations, such as the Atlantic Council.​

Global Ties Iowa has allowed me to develop professionally in the field of international relations, the precise field in which I would like to work. It is not often you are able to get international experience directly on campus, but that is where Global Ties Iowa excels.  

Mark Schoen, former Program Coordinator

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