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Anyone can help Global Ties Iowa fulfill its mission by participating in citizen diplomacy. As a citizen diplomat, you can help provide a meaningful and memorable experience to each international visitor!  

Upcoming Delegations

Volunteer sign-ups typically become available a few weeks before the start of a program. Email us with advance interest at, or join our mailing list to get volunteer sign-ups in your inbox!

Establishment of a National Public Health Institute in Uzbekistan: A project for Uzbekistan

Feb 8 - 13

Women in Business: A project for Egypt

Feb 11 - 14

Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Veterans: A project for Ukraine

Feb 11 - 14

Near east and north Africa.png
U.S. Electoral Process: A project for the Near East and Northern Africa

Feb 29 - March 2

Upcomin Delegatios

US Electoral Process: A Project
for the Near East and North Africa

Feb 29th - Mar 2nd

guinea bissau flag.jpg

Public Universities' Administration in the U.S.: A Project for Guinea-Bissau

Mar 23rd - 26th

georgia flag.jpg

Promoting Human Rights and Civic Engagement for LGBTQI+ Communities in Georgia: A Project for Georgia

Mar 24th - 27th


U.S. Judicial System: A

April 21st - 24th

Ways to Volunee

Ways to Volunteer

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Airport Greeter

Greeting our visitors at the airport makes them feel welcome the moment they arrive in Eastern Iowa! Greet them with a sign, escort them to baggage claim, and show them to their shuttle.

Professional Meeting Escort

Escorting our visitors to their professional meetings is a great opportunity to get to know them and show them around eastern Iowa. Serving as a meeting escort is easy!

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Cultural Excursion Escort

If you have knowledge about Eastern Iowa communities, here is your chance to show it off! Escort our visitors to the Amana Colonies, a day trip to Kalona, the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, or any number of the extensive cultural excursions that eastern Iowa has to offer.

Iowa Table Dinner Host

Welcome visitors by inviting them to your home for dinner. The visitors’ bios, program summary, and country information are all provided. If necessary, interpreters are provided as well. Your free and open conversation with our guests affords a glimpse into the lives and culture of one another, and plants the seeds of friendship and understanding.

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Professional Resource Guide

Join our comprehensive list of educators, business professionals, activists, and governmental representatives. Share your personal experiences and knowledge with colleagues from around the globe.

Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a resource for future programming.

Volunteer Anchor
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