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Amy Alice Chastain joins the United States Global Leadership Coalition Iowa Advisory Committee

Congratulations to our Executive Director Amy Alice Chastain for joining the United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) Iowa Advisory Committee! 

Under the chairmanship of former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Terry Branstad and Former US Senator Tom Harkin, the USGLC Iowa

Advisory Committee brings together over 100 leaders from businesses, faith, military and community leaders from across the state of Iowa. The committee aims to strengthen development and diplomacy alongside defense. It also advocates for a strong International Affairs Budget to make America’s International Affairs program a keystone of U.S. foreign policy. 

As a member of the USGLC Iowa Advisory Committee, Amy finds that many of the leaders involved advocate for many of the same things she does at Global Ties Iowa. 

“In support of the value that we know that global exchange has, USGLC’s purpose and goal is to bring together all of these leaders in our state and beyond,” Amy said.  

Amy’s journey with the USGLC Iowa Advisory Committee began with a meeting with Zane Francescato, the Central Outreach Director at U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. Impressed by Amy’s experiences and expertise in global exchange between international leaders, he invited her to join the State Advisory Council. 

“I was honored,” Amy said. 

In December, Amy attended her first USGLC Iowa Advisory Committee event, the Farmers for Prosperity Round Table. The event featured guest speaker Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, who highlighted Iowa’s agricultural sector’s commitment to harnessing America’s development and diplomatic resources to help feed the world. Reflecting on the experience, Amy found the event educational and fascinating, as many of the participants were expert representatives of the agricultural community. 

“I thought it was really valuable and really insightful, to just hear from the perspective of people who are supplying our food source. And, you know, because this is certainly a major area of security and diplomacy and all those things because it is so vital to our daily life and survival” Amy said. 

Now that she is a member of the Iowa Advisory Committee, Amy, as a representative of Global Ties Iowa, hopes to connect with more state leaders, business corporations, and organizations to further support the promotion of global exchange.  

“I think us bringing that voice representing IVLP [the International Visitor Leadership Program] and all that it brings to our country and our foreign policy goals is really important” Amy said. 

Once again, we would like to extend our congratulations to Amy Alice Chastain for joining this impactful and important committee! We appreciate your dedication to promoting global exchange and are excited about your journey with the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.  




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