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Education in the Digital Age: A Project for the Kyrgyz Republic

Touring the Catherine McAuley Center.

This March we hosted a 10-person delegation from the Kyrgz Republic for an IVLP program titled “Education in the Digital Age.” Their time in Iowa aimed to provide visitors with an understanding of how local educational institutions are governed. This was the first project planned by our new program intern, Lexi Passno, and we are proud of the great job she did organizing this group!

They arrived on Sunday, March 12th from Pensacola, Florida. They were greeted by Executive Director Amy Alice Chastain and her exchange daughter, Maria Õunap from Estonia, at the airport.

Meeting with the Grant Wood Area Education Agency, joined by Executive Director Amy Alice Chastain.

The next morning, they kicked off their day of professional programming with a meeting with Grant Wood Area Education Agency, accompanied by Amy Alice and volunteer Alisa Meggitt. Grand Wood Agency is one of nine Area Education Agencies (AEA) in Iowa that provides educational services to local schools. Stacy Behmer, Coordinator of Digital Learning & Media Services, taught the visitors about the funding sources that make this program possible and how new technologies are incorporated into classrooms.  

After, they hopped on a bus to the Catherine McAuley Center, a refugee resettlement collaborator with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants as well as a community educator. Volunteer & Outreach Manager Katie Splean, Director of Education and Refugee and Immigrant Services Anne Dugger, and Education Program Manager Katie Rosenberger showed the visitors how a successful resettlement program works, including how ESL classes are provided, and how the center prepares the community for the arrival of refugees. 

Their final meeting was with the University of Iowa College of Education, accompanied by volunteer Ellen Osinka. Dr. John Achrazoglou, Chief Technology Officer at The University of Iowa College of Education and Global Ties Iowa Board member, taught the visitors about various training and teaching methodologies that are used to prepare the next generation of teachers.

Meeting at the University of Iowa College of Education.

After a great few days in Iowa, the delegation departed their hotel bound for Freeport, Illinois the morning of Wednesday, March 14th.

Thank you to Grand Wood Area Education Agency, the Catherine McAuley Center, and the University of Iowa College of Education for serving as professional resources for this delegation! We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to teach and create professional connections with our visitors.

Thank you also to our volunteers, Maria Õunap, Alisa Meggitt, and Ellen Osinka for greeting and guiding our visitors. You help make their time in Iowa special!


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