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  • Ondrea Li

Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalist – Research and Investigation: A Multi-Regional Project Recap

From June 21st to 25th, we hosted “Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalist – Research and

The delegation shared their investigative experience at the International Journalism: Speaking Event for Edward R. Murrow Event.

Investigation: A Multi-Regional Project” and welcomed 11 leaders from Lebanon, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Zambia.

During their time in eastern Iowa, the delegation engaged in a series of experiences with professionals and organizations. They explored the crucial role journalists play in US society by focusing on raising awareness, investigating issues, and informing the public.

The delegation arrived in eastern Iowa on June 21st and was greeted by Global Ties Iowa Executive Director, Amy Alice Chastain. After that, they checked into their hotel.

The next morning, the delegation had a breakfast meeting with Amy and the U.S. Department of State Office of International Visitors Deputy Director Ali Baskey. Following their meeting, the delegation walked to the UI Adler Journalism Building with Global Ties Iowa Program Fellow Lexi Passno for their meeting with the Daily Iowan.

During their meeting with the Daily Iowan, an independent student newspaper for the University of Iowa Community, the delegation had the opportunity to meet with Business Staff Publisher Jason Brummond and Summer Editor (UI student) Alejandro Rojas. They explored the intricacies of campus journalism and disseminating information.

After their discussion with the Daily Iowan, the delegation took some time for lunch and then headed back to the Adler Journalism Building for a meeting with the University of Iowa School of Journalism. There, they met with Visiting Associate Professor Brett Johnson, toured the school, and discussed the opportunities available to students. Additionally, they discussed U.S. Media law with Professor Brett Johnson who specializes in media law and ethics and is completing his JD at UIowa Law School.

Ms. Oana Despa speaking about her experience in journalism at the International Journalism: Edward R Murrow Speaking Event.

Later that evening, the delegation headlined the International Journalism: Edward R. Murrow Speaking Event at the Iowa City Public Library. The public event was hosted by Global Ties Iowa Communications Fellow Ondrea Li and moderated by Iowa Public Radio Talk Show Producer Samantha McIntosh. The event provided a platform for the delegation to share their career experiences, challenges, and outcomes of their own concrete investigations.

On Friday morning, Global Ties Iowa volunteer Newman Abuissa accompanied the delegation to The Gazette. They met with The Gazette’s Deputy Des Moines Bureau Chief Tom Barton and learned about the issues surrounding the field of journalism, the repercussions for released investigative stories, and other challenges like time and

financial constraints faced by journalists.

“Very insightful on local media operation,” Ms. Wasinee Pabuprapap wrote.

After lunch, the delegation visited KCRG TV-9 News where they met with News Director Adam

Delegates enjoying their Iowa Table Dinner in the homes of Suzanne and Don Kirchner.

Carros to understand different methods of discerning misinformation. Then, the delegation then went back to their hotel and was later picked up for their Iowa Table Dinners which were hosted by DeeAnn and John Hebrink that day. On Saturday, another Iowa Table Dinner was hosted in the home of Suzanne and Don Kirchner.

For the rest of Saturday, the delegation had the day to explore eastern Iowa and the Block Party in downtown Iowa City.

“Love it! I went to see outdoor theatre and also the block party! This is very cool city,” Ms. Wasinee Pabuprapap wrote.

On Sunday, the delegation departed eastern Iowa in the afternoon and headed to Des Moines.

Thank you to Amy Alice Chastain, Lexi Passno, and Newman Abuissa for volunteering with this delegation. And thank you to DeeAnn and John Hebrink, and Suzanne and Don Kirchner for playing a pivotal role in hosting the Iowa Table Dinners. We would also like to thank Deputy Director Ali Baskey for engaging with the delegation! Your efforts make the delegation's stay in eastern Iowa memorable!

Additionally, we would like to extend our warm appreciation to the Daily Iowan, UI School of Journalism, the Gazette, and KCRG TV-9 for serving as our professional resources for this program! We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to engage with our delegation. We would also like to thank Samantha McIntosh and Ondrea Li for moderating and hosting the speaking event!


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