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  • Ondrea Li

Food Innovation and Sustainability: A Project for India Program Recap

From July 19th to 21st, we hosted five international leaders from India for a project titled “Food Innovation and Sustainability.” Their time in Iowa aimed to provide insights about local-level approaches to food security and policy, and sustainable practices on local farms in Iowa.

The delegation arrived in eastern Iowa on Wednesday, July 19th, and began their program with a visit to Field to Family. Accompanied by Global Ties Iowa Volunteer Frank Wildensee, the delegation met with Program Manager Emily Roberts and Operations Manager Jessica Fogarty and engaged in a discussion about Field to Family’s efforts in improving accessibility to local foods by creating a more local, healthy, and sustainable regional food system. After the meeting, they went back to the hotel and had the rest of the night off!

The next morning, the delegation set out to the Johnson County Historic Poor Farm for a meeting with the Johnson County Local Foods. Together with Global Ties Iowa volunteers Marianne Weiss and Alice Atkinson, the delegation was greeted and escorted by Johnson County Local Food Assistant Cassidy Beamer. They also met with Local Food and Farm Manager Ilsa De Wald to learn about the importance of local government sustainability and food policy.

The delegation’s final meeting was with IC Compassion’s Global Foods Project. They met with Global Food Project Manager Will Kapp to learn about how The Global Food Project uses community-level approaches to address food security. The delegation delved into sustainable practices, gardening assistance, and resources, and how the Global Food Project helps build and expand communities.

The next morning, the delegation left for their next destination in Louisville, Kentucky, where the World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana continued their programming.

Thank you to Field to Family, Johnson County Local Foods, and IC Compassion’s Global Food Project for acting as our professional resources in this program. Additionally, much appreciation to Marianne Weiss and Alice Atkinson for volunteering with this delegation! We could not have done this without you!


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