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Fundraising Best Practices for NGOs: A Project for Poland

Originally published July 14, 2022

From July 7th to July 10th, we welcomed a delegation from Poland to Eastern Iowa for a program titled “Fundraising Best Practices for NGOs”. This program aimed to discuss new challenges and approaches for small NGOs, examine the role of volunteers in the context of fundraising community project, and explore digital initiatives that seek to advance community engagement.

The day after their arrival, the delegation visited Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for a meeting with Karla Twedt-Ball, Carrie Walker, and Laura Booth to discuss community engagement and fundraising initiatives and skills. After returning to Iowa City, they visited the Iowa City Public Library for a meeting with Patti Fields of The United Way of Johnson and Washington, discussing community funding and volunteering. That evening, the delegation enjoyed Iowa Table Dinners with hosts Amy Alice Chastain, Alisa and Josh Meggitt and Cecelia Roudabush, and Elizabeth Constantine and Derek Johnson.

On their final full day, the delegation volunteered with Table to Table, an organization that keeps edible food from going to waste by collecting it from donors and distributing to those in need.

We would like to thank Karla Twedt-Ball, Carrie Walker, Laura Booth, and Patti Fields for participating in this program. We would also like to thank volunteers Ken and Gayle Royar, Melanie Haupert, Steve Merkel-Hess, Liz Bergeron, Amy Alice Chastain, Alisa and Josh Meggitt, Cecelia Roudabush, Elizabeth Constantine, and Derek Johnson for their time. Our work at Global Ties Iowa would not be possible without the participation of local resources and community members like them.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media to get involved in future delegations!


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