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Meet Élie, our new membership and development intern!

Élie Nio is originally from Rwanda and moved to Buffalo, NY in 2011. He now lives in Cedar Rapids, IA and is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Iowa majoring in International Studies. In Spring 2024, he plans to pursue a dual graduate program at Hult International Business School in Master's of International Business and Master's of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Due to his entrepreneurial spirit, Élie has started two business ventures; Nio Logistics Group LLC and Excellence Foundation LLC. In 2018, he was awarded a certificate from The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi. Élie is passionate about French (which he studies at school), networking, and helping people — especially go-getters.

As far as a career, he wants to pursue an international business in either sales, marketing, logistics or management. Élie is currently working on gaining those skills and experiences through his internship at Global Ties Iowa, which exposes him to international relationships and another internship at Stutsman Logistics as a logistics intern, which gains him the logistics experience he needs. Eventually, he wants to be a full-time serial entrepreneur with successful companies in logistics, real estate, and social media.

Élie enjoys traveling and interacting with international people while getting to visit and know new places at the same time. He’s traveled to a few countries of East Africa, and has visited Québec and Montréal to improve his French-speaking skills. He plans to go to Norway in June 2023 to visit one of his sisters, where she lives with her family, as well as spend the Fall 2023 semester in Paris through the study abroad program.

We're so excited to have Élie on board as our new membership and development intern!


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