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Meet Anna O'Connor, Program Fellow

Please join us in welcoming Anna O’Connor, our new Program Fellow! 

Anna is a first-year student at the University of Iowa from Dubuque, Iowa. She is pursuing a double major in International Studies and Social Work, with minors in Spanish and Global Health.  

As the Program Fellow, Anna will be submitting program proposals, scheduling the meeting and activates for international delegations, and maintaining our database of local resources and tracking data. At the start of the Fall 2024 school semester, when Anna Peach graduated, Anna O’Connor will take over as the Program Coordinator! 

At the University of Iowa, Anna has been involved in numerous extracurriculars on campus, namely Dance Marathon and the Undergraduate Student Government. In fact, Anna was just elected for her second term as a senator! As a senator, Anna provides a voice for the students and represents the interests of the University of Iowa undergraduate student body.  

Anna heard about this position through the Global Ties Iowa newsletter, and as an International Studies major, Anna is excited to get involved with international and local leaders while participating in the learning that Global Ties Iowa has to offer. She looks forward to meeting new people and creating connections that can help her to broaden her perspectives. 

“I hope to bring a perspective that is open to new things and new ideas,” Anna says. “It’s important to be able to have an open mind. I hope to play my role as a global citizen.”  

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending time with her family and friends, singing, musicals, watching sports, and traveling. She also loves music, especially Harry Styles. She is extremely excited to see Niall Horan in concert this summer. Additionally, during the Spring 2025 semester, Anna will be studying abroad in Grenada, Spain, a city full of culture and architecture.  

“I am most excited about studying abroad due to the opportunities of experiential learning that comes with traveling,” she said. “I also am a sucker for architecture and am very excited to see all the Islamic influence on architecture in Granada!” 

We are excited to have Anna on the team as our new Program Fellow! Welcome to the team! 


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