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  • Ondrea Li

Meet Anna Peach, Program Intern

Please join us in welcoming Anna Peach, our new Program Intern!

Anna Peach is a third-year student at the University of Iowa from Ames, Iowa. She is currently pursuing a major in Global Health Studies with a certificate in Sustainability.

“Within my classes, I deal with a lot of diverse populations, so [Global Ties Iowa] relates a lot with that detail,” said Anna. “I applied because I get to gain cultural competency and expand my knowledge of other groups and populations.”

Beyond her studies, Anna is also an ICRU Research Fellow at the University of Iowa. Her focus lies in examining food security among undergraduate students in the Iowa City community. Additionally, she also dedicates her time to the Sustainability Presidential Charter Committee and volunteers in the Food Pantry at Iowa and at the Patient’s Library at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

During her free time, Anna enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as running, biking, kayaking, taking walks, and being in parks.

In the future, Anna hopes to attend graduate school with a focus on food systems and sustainability.

“[I look forward to] interacting with more people, internationally and within the eastern Iowa community,” said Anna. “I hope to start working with a couple of the international groups too.”

We are so delighted to have Anna on the team as the new as our new Program Intern!


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