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Meet Berkley Barnett, Program Intern

Please join us in welcoming Berkley Barnett, our new Program Intern!  


Berkley is a second-year student at the University of Iowa, originally from Denver, Colorado. She is pursuing a major in International Studies with a minor in Arabic Studies and certificate in Writing.  


“I heard about this position in an International Studies advising email and I’ve seen the volunteering emails go out to the department a couple times,” Berkley said. “I knew that Global Ties works closely with the State department, which I am interested in! I thought this would be a great way to gain some professional experience while interacting with people in Washington D.C. and international populations.” 


At the University of Iowa, Berkley has volunteered with the Iowa Youth Writing Project. She has also started an independent research project on mansaf, a traditional Jordanian dish. Berkley also sings in the graduate-level choir “Kantorei” and takes piano lessons with a doctorate student. Additionally, in Cedar Rapids, she volunteered at the Catherine McAuley Center helping immigrants, refugees, and women experiencing crisis.  


In her free time, Berkley likes to play piano, journal, hike, and watch a ton of movies and TV shows. 

As an Arabic and International Studies major, Berkley would love to do a Fulbright Program or master's program after graduation. She would also like to continue doing research in the Middle East, specifically Jordan and Oman. Berkley is looking forward to hopefully studying abroad in Jordan during the upcoming fall semester.  


While at Global Ties Iowa, Berkley is excited to see and work on the behind-the-scenes of programming to get people on board for programs.  


“[I am looking forward to] interacting with some of our international delegations. I have seen the behind-the-scenes of the programming, and it has been exciting to see everything come together. I hope I can be involved with in-person volunteering too!” 


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