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Meet Ondrea Li, Communications Fellow!

Please join us in welcoming Ondrea Li, our new Communications Fellow!

Ondrea is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Iowa double majoring in International Relations and Journalism. While originally from Singapore, she moved to Des Moines, Iowa for middle and high school. Her interest in international affairs was sparked by her participation in debate.

“I did debate in high school, and we talked a lot about different policies and how other countries would affect the U.S.,” said Ondrea. “I was able to learn more in depth about the relations between countries and about different political theories and it was very engaging for me.”

At the University of Iowa, Ondrea also works as a Research Assistant researching comparative politics and a Resident Assistant at a dormitory. Additionally, she serves on the executive board of the Organization for the Active Support of International Students (OASIS). In the future, Ondrea hopes to attend law school.

As Communications Fellow, Ondrea will be taking over the responsibilities of Communications Coordinator Abby Fowler while she is away during the summer.

“[I am looking forward to] expanding my knowledge about the relations between different countries and the issues that are affecting those countries as well,” said Ondrea. “In my position, I definitely want to explore and grow my skills in communications.”


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