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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Journalism: A Project for Brazil

Originally published July 26, 2022

From June 15th to June 18th, we welcomed our first International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) visitors for the first time since 2020! This delegation comprised 14 journalists from Brazil for a program titled “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Journalism”. This program aimed to connect Black Brazilian journalists with Black American journalists and media companies, building an international cohort who can strengthen inclusion and diversity in leading Brazilian media.

On their first full day, the delegation met with Danielle Davis, morning news anchor at KCRG-TV, to discuss her experiences being a black journalist in rural Iowa and to share how she promotes diversity and inclusion in journalism. They then took a trip to the African American Museum of Iowa and NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, before returning to Iowa City to meet Genevieve Trainor and the Little Village Magazine Team to discuss how they use their magazine to share minority voices. The delegation finished the day by socializing with local community members at a Sip & Socialize event during Vue Rooftop Bar’s happy Hour.

The next day, the delegation met with Dr. Venise Berry, Dr. Sujatha Sosale, and Dr. Brian Ekdale from the University of Iowa School of Mass Communication and Journalism to hear these professors of diverse backgrounds speak on different topics related to diversity in journalism. After a lunch break, they met with Ty Rushing, cofounder of the Iowa Association of Black Journalists, to hear about his experience as a black journalist in a white dominated field. Finally, the delegation joined in on evening Juneteenth celebrations in downtown Iowa City.

We would like to thank Ms. Davis, Ms. Trainor, the Little Village Team, Dr. Berry, Dr. Sosale, and Dr. Ekdale, and Mr. Rushing for participating in this program. We would also like to thank volunteers John and Ann Christenson, Jeanne Stoakes, Ellen Osinska, and Marianne Weiss for their time. Our work at Global Ties Iowa would not be possible without the participation of local resources and community members like them.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media to get involved in future delegations!


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