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Promoting Women’s Leadership: A Project for Azerbaijan

Originally published July 12, 2022

From June 25th to June 29th, we welcomed 5 emerging leaders from Azerbaijan to Eastern Iowa for a program titled "Promoting Women’s Leadership.” This program aimed to examine the federal, state, and local roles in promoting human rights, explore the work of civil society in advancing social justice, gain insight into work across sectors and network to build coalitions for change, and raise community awareness on social issues.

The day after their arrival, they visited the Amana Colonies for a cultural excursion, including a meal and exploration of the historical village.

The next morning, the delegation went to Iowa City Hall for meetings with Mayor Bruce Teague and City Councilwoman Janice Weiner, and later to a networking workshop with Amy Alice Chastain, Board President and Interim Executive Director. Later that evening, they were invited to put their networking skills to the test at a sip and socialize at the Vue Rooftop.

On the 28th, the delegation visited the Iowa City Community School District Office to meet with Laura Gray, Director of Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness. After lunch in Iowa City, they also met with Delany Dixon of the Johnson County Local Homeless Coordinating Board and Domestic Violence Intervention Program. They finished out the evening with an Iowa Table Dinner in City Park with Jeiran and Zikret Hasan.

We would like to thank Mayor Teague, Ms. Weiner, Ms. Chastain, Ms. Gray, and Ms. Dixon for participating in this program. We would also like to thank Ken and Gayle Royar, Jeanne Stoakes, Gayle Bray, Larry Shostrom, Steve Merkel-Hess, Jeiran and Zikret Hasan for volunteering their time. Our work at Global Ties Iowa would not be possible without the participation of local resources and community members like them.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media to get involved in future delegations!


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